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Originally Posted by MossbergMan View Post
I too recommend shooting your SPX "stock" before adding things. That way you'll know if somethng you did caused the gun to fail. I too am on my 2nd SPX. first one was a lemon but Mossberg made it right by replacing it with a new gun. My current SPX is my go to gun for HD/SD and 3 gunning. My Benelli S-90A1 is now a "safe queen".
If all works well I think your choice of accessories is well chosen. Good luck and give us a range report before and after your additions.
Good advice!

Originally Posted by Socal858 View Post
i have the 930 fudd combo with the smoothbore 18.5 and 26" (i think thats how long it is?) field & clays barrel

i clean it minimally and it's eaten a couple thousand rounds with no problems whatsoever. i'm finally planning to mod it out with some nordic components gear and this thread is very motivational!
Thanks! Nordic looks to make amazing components.

Originally Posted by scglock View Post
Nice 930! I got a couple buddies in sytfu. Which range do you go to?
I'll be looking into Chabot and San Leandro Range since I'm about to move closer to that one. Who do you know in the crew?

Originally Posted by RX_Pilot View Post
Bought one on impulse last Saturday. I have another week before it's free to come home. In the meantime, going to read up on the issues and I may be revisiting this post...
Let us know how yours goes too!
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