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Originally Posted by Mr_Monkeywrench View Post
I know there are some really knowledgable people here and I have my interview in a couple of months. I want to make sure that I have all my ducks in a row. There are a few things that are concerning me.

1)- Do the 3 letter reference and the 4 character references have to be different people? In other words, do I need a total of 7 people?

2)- It asks if Ive ever convicted of a criminal offense. At the age of 12 I got arrested for petty theft. Should I list this or say no?

3)- It asks if you've ever been addicted to a controlled substance or ever utilized an illegal controlled substance. I smoked funny cigarettes in high school. Should I list this as a yes?

4)- There is a question that asks me to list any arrests or formal charges, without disposition, for any criminal offenses within the U.S. or any other country. Does this have to do with the second question I asked?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. A gift card to In and Out will be sent your way

1- Yes, they must be 7 deferent people and the letters have to be dated no more than 3 months old. The people that wright the letters will get a call and the 4 that you list will get a quick questioner to fill out and return.

2- List absolutely everything in your past. If they find anything that you didn't fess up to you will more than likely be denied. Nothing that happened when you were 12 should effect you.

3- As long as you never took a drug test and came up positive or been arrested for "funny cigarettes" you should be fine But if you want to be completely honest you could. I doubt that will effect your eligibility. San Bernardino is a fairly easy county to get your LTC.

4- Yes, list every encounter with law enforcement you have had. I listed all my traffic stops and even a curfew ticket I got ages ago. The more you list the better it looks I believe.

My advice is relax and jump thru all the hoops.. My interview was literally about 10 minutes long and I totally over thought it. If your a law abiding citizen you WILL get your LTC in my opinion. Like I said earlier, San Bernardino is fairly easy... Personal Protection is all you need for good cause out here.

Start to finish was about 8 months from the day I picked up the application to the day I got the permit. Hang in there and you will have it soon enough.

(I say all this assuming you are a decent human being with no criminal background and you can hit a B-27 target from 5 yards with 10 rounds anywhere on the black...)
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