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I would wait and run it before spending $$$ on it. There is a reason the former owner dumped it, I'm on my 2nd 930SPX and still have the same issues as early generation 930SPXs and I have the latest generation. While I might have the worst luck with Mossberg...I hate to see another person have the same issues.

These issues cannot be seen by just looking at the shotgun:

1) you will almost max out the windage adjustment to the left, shooting slugs it will shoot high and to the right. While, this might not bother bugs me to have the adjustment almost maxed out to the left.

2) the magazine tube may have abnormal wear (Scoring) from the gas recoil spring...make sure the barrel comes off without any heavy drag..if it does, you will have to adjust your spring. Run it wet, until you feel the shotgun is well broken in.

Google Mossberg 930SPX...there are many forums specific to this shotgun and it's issues that are still present.

I hope you have a good one.

From looking at your picture, you do not have the latest generation SPX. The latest generation SPX has a large knurled bolt handle.

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