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Originally Posted by SoCalSig1911 View Post
I just got one recently in Burbank and have a review of it on here. The guy asking what the slide is made out of, it is aluminum. Great gun! I am sure you will enjoy it as much as i do. Put 100rds of CCI mini 36gr and 400 rounds of federal bulk and had 1 fail out of all those rounds and it was one of the fed bulk rounds that didn't feed into the chamber. Just put a Viridian C5 green laser on it. When you go to the range bring the tools with you that the gun comes with as you might have to adjust the sights, mine were not sighted in and was shooting to the left. Once you loosen the set screw on the front sight it moves freely so you can adjust. Congrats!
So it's a machined slide? Does it feel like a Center fire M&P slide or is it lite and cheap feeling?
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