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Originally Posted by B!ngo View Post
FWIW, in addition to the automated write-in tools, I sent this personal note to one of the members:
I am a law-abiding citizen living in and contributing to the growth and success of the technology industry here in the Silicon Valley for the past 25 years. During that time, I've sadly seen the degradation of our school system - both public and college/university, reduction in funding and support for police and firefighters, and dramatic cuts in the support of the poor and needy. At the same time I've happily seen a general reduction in crime, particularly weapons-related illegal activities, all post the expiration of the assault weapons ban last decade.
The latest focus on SB249 seems like another misuse of our lawmakers time, and the unnecessary focus on a part of the population that requires no further laws or limitations. Despite an ongoing reduction of crimes involving those guns defined as assault weapons, those unlawful part of the population who may make use of such weapons will not heed changes defined in the bill. For those who are law-abiding owners, there surely are no concerns about their behavior and this imposes yet more limits on their constitutionally defined rights, all while it takes the focus away from the priorities I cited (above) to which Assemblyman Yee and his peers like yourself should attend.
This seems like more distraction of out citizens while our problems of education, budget and police and firefighter funding continues, furthering the unconstitutional limitations on our law abiding citizens, and a solution to an issue that simply does not exist.
Please vote no on SB249.
Great missive! I also mentioned a few of the financial impacts in my letter. The cost to implement, the cost to enforce, and the inevitable financial burden to litigate - especially when they lose in court.

Everyone - your email doesn't need to be long winded or cover every aspect of this proposed law, you just need to let them know how it will impact responsible gun owners, or how it will waste limited state funds, or how it's an answer to a non existent question. Just write and let 'em know you're paying attention and this is a bad law!
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