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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I've been gone awhile from this forum and wow have things gotten silly in California again. SB 249 I signed the petitions and I am getting the word out to friends. I wrote Senator Leland Yee four times. Keep in mind that his staff may only read from people in his district 8. I have several email addresses and were able to use district 8 street addresses with the right zip codes. My message was plain and simple. Why punish or harass law abiding citizens from possessing or owning (In my case) Ar-15's with bullet buttons. I went on to explain how this bill will have no effect on criminals who want to carry out gun violence and such. I do agree with Chuck that the real goal of some in the State legislature is to make owning any kind of a firearm in California such a hinderance to possess that many will opt out all together.

I know a lot of people say there gonna move out of California for various reasons, but this is the last straw for me.
Same here. This is the line in the sand that I drew. They try to take away my AR-15 I cannot continue to live in this state and pay tax money to a government that wants to do nothing but take away my rights and freedom. If this abomination passes I will be moving to AZ or NV very soon after.
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"Moms Demand Action" sounds less like a gun control group and more like the title of a porn flick from the mid-90s.
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