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Originally Posted by DisturbedAle View Post
I am still on the border with the GSG-1911... I have a S&W 22A and a HA RR .22lr Revolver, should I get the potentially deadly GSG-1911 or the reliable 22/45?

I love the look of the GSG-1911, but aesthetics is not what I want to base my decision on. Accuracy is the true testament of a firearm.
IMO, if you really want an accurate 22 go with the Ruger. The first pistol I shot with was a MKII so I may be bias but you canít beat the accuracy and solid craftsmanship of the Ruger.

I bought my gsg 1911-22 because I wanted something that would work with my normal rig; holster,mag holders and all.
I also like that I can tinker with my gsg with all those extra 1911 parts I seem to have lying around.

The gsg is really just a fun .22 for me.
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