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Originally Posted by Mattius Maximus View Post
Excellent post, AIMSMALL. Sir, if I may, I have a question regarding the permanent insertion of a single custom decal above the stain and underneath the polyurethane. I have a unique decal from my MW2 clan that I commanded that I would like to display permanently onto my sks buttstock. Which materials would you suggest I use for the decal itself, and what other materials and processes would you suggest I use to make this little dream of mine a reality? Thank you, sir, in advance.
I really like the wipe on poly but I'm not sure how that would work with a sticker under it, maybe you could test it out on a 2x4 or something? I would imagine the spray on poly would work just fine for what your trying to do but again, testing on a 2x4 might not be a bad idea. Everything else I would do the same as the tutorial says.

Let us know how it works out commander
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