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Originally Posted by kemasa View Post
Is the firearm coming from outside of CA?

Is the firearm a C&R handgun?

Do you have a C&R FFL and CA DOJ COE?

All modern firearms coming from out of state are subject to sales tax due to recent CA BOE changes. This includes the shipping (total cost with everything).

The FFL can require that it be shipped from a FFL. It is not the law, but just the rules of the FFL. If you don't like it, then find another FFL. The sales tax has nothing to do with whether a FFL ships it or not, it has to do with the CA BOE.

Firearms from inside CA are not subject to sales tax if it is coming from a private party, is an occasional sale and not coming from a business (as I understand it, a private party can use a FFL to ship it and that is not considered coming from a business). If all three are not true, then it is subject to sales tax.
1. The gun is coming from out of state.

2. Is is not a C&R, so as you stated being a modern handgun it is subject to tax. (So basically the beginning of this thread is no longer valid, which sucks.

3. I do have my 03 FFL, and COE, but that is a mute point.

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It's an HK, I could lube it with sand and superglue and it'd work just fine.
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