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Seems like the NRA may be stepping things up. For those not getting their stuff in two weeks, I am here to say it generally took 5 a month or so ago. I signed two of my boys up April 24th. I got one package in about 3 weeks, and got the other package last week. That's just how the ball rolls sometimes. I signing up 300+ life members here and various other sites, I have had to call them 3 times. One was a legit mistake by the NRA that they corrected, another guy turned out his apartment number wasn't on his address (not sure whose fault) and the third was my son. When it crossed the 5 week mark I called and darn if the packet wasn't in my mailbox when I made the call.

So I say all of that to say this, if you don't get your package in the two weeks like some are posting here, remain patient. I just go ahead and tell everyone it is a 5 week process, because at one point it was.

So expect 5 weeks.
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