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Originally Posted by jmlivingston View Post
This is pretty good stuff, I've moved it over to the "CGN Best Of" section.


Originally Posted by wchutt View Post
Thank you for help on trouble shooting when I did this. I skipped step one in the second post... never again!
Told ya

I used a battery charger from Harbor Freight, .030 carbon steel welding wire, a dimmer switch and a spring to keep tension on the wire, Mine looks a little more red neck.
Looks good man! And as others said, the spring is a great idea. I was going to put one at the end of the rod.

Originally Posted by joefrank64k View Post
Clever method of maintaining tension on the wire! Good stuff!
Originally Posted by Casual_Shooter View Post
+1. I like the way you used the spring.
Exactly right.
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