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Originally Posted by pitbuljake View Post
Hi everyone, I am a new member to Calguns though I have been following posting on this site for about a year. reviewing past and current postings has encourged me to apply for my CCW in Riverside County with RSO. I have completed my firearms training and all of the requirements prior to making my appointment with thw CCW unit.

Though I have a question about the application. Listed are some 34 additional questions beyond the state application which I thought is not required. It seems most if not all counties in California have dropped this request. any input would help!
The "extra" questions are 100% not required. You do NOT need to submit them. BUT, the RSO doesn't have to issue your CCW either.

The party line is that the questions are needed as part of their background check. Provide the answers, things go faster. Don't, and they can dig into your past as much as they want anyways.

It's probably the only part of the whole process in Riverside that's a bit dicey IMHO (apart from "Personal Defense" not being a valid GC).

RSO actually wants to issue CCW's. RSO also has some of the most lenient rules in regards to the usage of the CCW that I know of. Want to hire yourself out as an armed body guard? No problem. Carrying in Sea World? Keep it concealed. PTO meetings at the school? Bring a gun! It's all good (Just stay out of bars, and don't drink!)

Anyways, Yezzo and Aguirre are great.. Tell them I said Hi!

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