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Again, thanks for all the positive comments!

Originally Posted by SarStyle View Post
Well I guess I will let you build mine....when can I expect it on my doorstep?
Whenever you drop a case at my doorstep with whatever you want cut out
Originally Posted by Cactus_Tim View Post
Should I get in line?
You already are
Originally Posted by Quinc View Post
Great write up! I liked the pic with the Vodka!
Thanks, gotta have it!

Originally Posted by finyllw View Post
I bought a transformer from a local electronics shop, 120ac to 24v dc. Hooked it up and didn't get any heat from the wire, and the ac side went open circuit after 5 minutes. I researched EB's op, he didn't mention ac/dc thing. Went online to Radio Shack, found thier transformer, and picked one up. It's a 120ac to 25vac. I didn't think this would work. I got back to the shop and much to MY suprise (EB already knew this) is worked just fine. I actually cut some foam. I couldn't find any 24 ga Nichromium wire locally, I did find 20ga. It's a little thicker but it has worked ok on my test. Finding the brass rod is a challenge, looks like Orchard Supply might have some. I'll let you know asap. Next up is to build a frame. So far i have $40 into this, but I am excited about the possibilities. I'm also thinkin about loaning/renting this thing out in case anybody wants to do thier own foam cutting. I'll keep you all posted.

Radio Shack part number for the transformer is 273-1512B
Yeah, sorry, as I mentioned in post 3 when I posted the diagram, I'm not an electrical engineer, I just forgot. Getting a brass rod was not easy, I found it in a industrial metal supply store.
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