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Default Keep the faith!


I have to tell you my friend that I'm not getting the lack of response to the needs of SMGC. We are having a surge in highpower competition interest in the Los Angeles area and both BRRC and Ojai are reporting good attendance at our matches. These are full-distance XC and MR venues albiet with far fewer firing points than Range 103 or 116.

What feeds this surge are the numerous matches firing NRA reduced courses, CMP Course A and B and Appleseed AQT's in the L.A. area all of which help build more and more interest in the sport. I have faith that these people will venture to the larger tournaments at Coalinga, Ben Avery, et al and yes even to Pendleton and Twentynine Palms if we hold our collective resolve.

But now to my constructive suggestion. SMGC sits in a perculiar geographic location sandwiched between southern Orange County and north San Diego County. Many of the ranges in these areas have long since been the victims of urban sprawl. I'm not familiar with the demand for highpower in these areas days but I expect it's at a low ebb. However, what I do know is that interest in shooting is also at an all time high in these areas with shotgun and IPSC/3-Gun gaining to the point that I hear complaints from those that live in the area about lengthening wait times for firing points at what ranges are available. When I describe highpower to these people their eyes light up with excitement at venturing into the aura of precision shooting only to be dimmed by the reveal that they must traverse the bitter gauntlet of LA County to reach BRRC and Ojai.

It's very clear to me that there's a need in your part of the world not just for the matches that satisfy those who possess the Expert, Master and High Master cards but also for matches that feed the hunger of the MU's, Marksmen and Sharpshooters. And that means NRA-Reduced and CMP Course "B" matches. I believe that healthy support for the full-distance venue in an area requires a 3-to-1 ratio of reduced matches also active in the area even if that means CMP Sporter .22LR indoor shooting. I submit that what SMGC needs is not just a highpower program but a highpower development program led by a director who sees SMGC as the nexus of -- but not the sole venue of -- all of this type of shooting in the south OC and north SD areas. What the club needs is a type of person who makes it their business to build the sport using the unique resources of SMGC as a fulcrum. Someone who will take enough time away from being a shooter to becoming a maker of shooters. It may take some time to find that person. But sooner or later they will manifest. Keep the faith my friend.


Note: I've put up a new website for the 29Palms regional at If you could spread the word to the faithful I'd appreciate it. It's time that match got bigger again.
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