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Default New Upper

Built a new upper for mine in the quest to shed some weight while still retaining the long range capability.

Old Upper:

-18" DPMS SASS Barrel
-SI Defense Upper Receiver
-Troy 13.8 MRF Rail
-BSA 4-14X44 Tactical MRAD Scope
-UTG Max Strength QD Rings (6 Bolt)
-Darkmetal Design HK Style Muzzle Brake
-Caldwell XLA 6-9" Pivot Bipod

New Upper:

-16" Rainier Arms "Select" Barrel
-Surplus Ammo Upper Receiver (Had to file the channel out to fit CH and BCG)
-GRG MFG Handguard
-Sightmark 2.5-10X32 Mil Dot Scope
-UTG Max Strength QD Rings (6 Bolt)
-Carlson Comp Muzzle Brake
-B&T Lightweight Polymer Bipod

I haven't weighed it yet, but it is easily lighter than the SASS barreled upper by several pounds. I'd guess the overall weight now minus mag is around 10-11 pounds. Recoil is definitely more pronounced. I know the weight has an affect on this, but I'm also thinking the Carlson Comp is maybe not as effective as advertised. The muzzle definitely stays down when fired, but recoil is pretty stout.

I was a bit leary about the Rainier barrel. It was cheap of course, but with good reviews. I noticed the throat area in the chamber of mine was reamed un-evenly just a bit, so I was skeptical about it's potential accuracy. I also have a 5.56 barrel from them that doesn't shoot worth a damn, so I wasn't expecting much from this one either. As it turns out, this thing is retardedly accurate. At least on par with the SASS barrel, if not slightly more accurate. The 1-11 twist also stabilizes the heavier 190 grain SMK's that I like to shoot, which I didn't think it would. The barrel has definitely exceeded my expectations, it even makes consitent hits at 1000 yards. I was pretty sure it wouldn't be able to push out that far, but after ringing steel repeatedly at 650 yards I gave it a try at the 18"x11" plate at 1000 yards. It shoots as well at that distance as my Savage 10FP McMillan does, making hits about 50% of the time. I think putting a better muzzle brake and a bipod with tilt ability on it should improve that a bit. Also thinking about going with an adjustable gas block as this thing is horribly over-gassed when shooting 190's.
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