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Originally Posted by Eat Dirt View Post
I guess Somebody didn't get the memo about keeping the canyon clean

Wife and I went out yesterday at dusk to let the dog run a little and check things out and the very canyon everybody put all the hard work into cleaning

This is what we found :::::

Looks like somebody had some stuff left over from the yard sale
It was All downrange with .45 holes in it
Now it's in the dumpster at the station

And the Clean-Up sign is still there
Pretty damn low to go dump crap like that with it painted on the rocks "PICK UP YOUR TRASH" the first 2 canyons are still looking nice.. was up at the way top canyon today and man its a mess i picked up what i could cram in the trunk of the car again and did not even make a dent in the crap, glad to see you making rounds in the rhino and waved back while you passed us till another day ill see you again in your trusty rhino!
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