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I've only had positive interaction with LE in regards to firearms and many of the LE I know are the most pro-gun, pro first ammendment, pro citizen carry individuals around.

What I haven't heard addressed here is while you are all speaking I hope from the perspective of a law abiding person who carries and transports in a legal fashion, nobody is acknowledging that we as law abiding may be 1 in 3, 1 in 5, or more, outnumbered by individuals who do not carry or transport legally, including those who utilize firearms for the purpose of commiting crimes. That is what the LE deals with constantly and if they ask you a couple questions to determine you are not a threat to others and send you happily on your way, I hope people will not lump them together with the "bad guys", and view them as the "enemy", as some have suggested here, when they are actually out there looking for and trying to protect you from the real "bad guys" who would not hesitate to cause harm to you or your family.
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