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Default Where to Find "Eyes and Ears" for a Young'un?

A lady at church asked me this morning, if I'd be willing to give her and her young son a "thorough rundown" on firearms safety, as well as an introduction to actually shooting. The boy will meet the minimum age requirement (8 yrs), for the local range, about this time next month and mom wants him to be fully trained in firearms safety, well before he hits his teen years.

He's, of course, a little fella and I'm just curious if we'd have any luck finding "kid sized" earmuffs & shooting glasses at Big 5, Walmart and such? I've honestly never looked for safety gear, in the smaller sizes. Does anyone know of any alternative resources for such things, if we strike out at the usual places?

Oh yeah... another thing... Opinions on whether or not we should put "foamies" in his ears, in addition to the earmuffs?

Thanks all!
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