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Default Early Remington 1903 & Two Garands

Repeated from an earlier post are my 30-06's; an early Remington 1903 (S/N 3002XXX), a WW2 Winchester M1, and a 50s Springfield M1. Both M1's 'Garands' are from the CMP. The 1905E1 bayonet belonged to my father in law. He served as Rifleman for the 96th ID, 383 Infantry Battalion in World War 2. A veteran of the Liberation of the Philippines and the Battle of Okinawa, he carried that bayonet with him through the war. His awards included the Presidential Unit Citation, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart. However, in his opinion, his Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) was the most meaningful. He explained that only solders that saw and fought the enemy directly received it. After I purchased my first M1 my sons and I took his bayonet and, for the first time since 1945, mounted it on the rifle. It was an amazing experience and gave us chills. There is something about a bayonet on a rifle that gets your attention when you see it up close. Especially one that was used in the war by someone you knew.

If CA Gun Laws applied to Freedom of Speech:
Register your speech then wait 10 days to talk, Make sure what you say is on the State's approved list, Don't speak more than once month without a background check. Limit your speech to your home or to an approved speech range away from the public.
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