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I just want to say that P.D. Guns is always there for what i need and what i want! If you havent picked up one of his Custom AR's in 5.56 you are missing out! They are well worth the money and they are built the right way and they are built to last! Forever!!! and theses days thats hard to get!!! I have bought many ARs over the years! and none of them has made it threw a 3 day course without giving me any issues its always something like the gas tube or trigger group! something that you wouldnt want to happen in the field! The 3rd on I got from P.D. Guns i put it threw a 3 day course and we went all out and i put threw over 3,500 round in the 3 days with out cleaning just oiling the right parts Dima told me and I didnt have a single problem! I am at over 9,700 rounds threw it still no problems! Running strong like a Champ! Thank you P.D. Guns your the Man in the Dima!!!! Thank you for everything!
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