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Default AK Buyer's Guide: Need Some Tips

I am nearing the point where I feel like I've done enough research to buy my first AK rifle. I've shot several rifles of various types I haven't owned, but have yet to purchase one. Therefore, I'm light on the technical know-how to spot a good one from a bad one. My inclination is to buy an Arsenal SGL build because going the DIY route with a Saiga isn't something I feel prepared for, nor is it something I have the time for right now. Right now, I need less brand cheerleading (everyone has a different opinion and there are thousands of pages of them for me to read) and more universal knowledge on what to watch for in going over an AK in person before purchase. Can you guys help add anything to the below list that I should check for when I go shopping?

1. Charge the charging handle back multiple times and make sure it doesn't stick, or lock back.
2. Look at the sights and check to see if they are canted (crooked, or adjusted to extreme left or right to counteract them being crooked).
3. Avoid Arsenal's proprietary mag lock either by ordering one without it without some other "evil" feature(s) (I've read that this is possible but have not confirmed it for myself) and then installing a new bullet button and feature(s) or by simply replacing it with another bullet button.

Anything else?

If I somehow end up changing my mind and decide to buy and convert a Saiga, is there any accuracy lost or technical issues caused by moving the trigger forward?

Thanks in advance.
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