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Originally Posted by bonehead04 View Post
Hey Brian
Thanks for the link. Strangely enough, I did google it in the past. And did so again just now. No direct links to that website; only yellowpages/yelp/manta, etc. listings. When a business doesn't have an easily accessible website these days, I just tend to think it's gone kaput. Obviously erroneous on my part.

And I'm very new to the area (moved here 3 months ago). No idea where the disposal site is located and have NO idea what a VPD is or does

In your opinion, how does it compare to Rankin?
Rankin IMO is a little less structured as far as rules go. On the shooting range/s the shooters tend to police themselves where the Sportsman's range has definate "Range is Hot" with lights etc.

Rankin has more spaces for pistol pratice. The rifle range has less spaces and is limited to 100 yds.

I like them both. I generally go to Rankin because it's closer from me.
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