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Default Serpa Level III Issues?

Anyone else using a Level III Serpa holster run into any retention issues? Recently during weapon retention scenario training at work, I witnessed quite a few of these holsters (about 7) snap right off of the belt with just a decent tug on the gun. The screws that hold the holster to the belt loop just snapped causing the still holstered gun to come off of the belt.

I love the holster due to the amazing speed which I can draw my sidearm. Since the weapon retention drills however, I have been much more uncomfortable using it in the field due to the retention issues I witnessed. I have been considering switching over to a Safariland 6365. I am hesitant however because I have a 6280 and I find it difficult to get the weapon out of the holster quickly. It seems to catch a lot on the draw and I find myself fumbling to get it out of the holster which is why I have stuck with the Serpa.
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