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Originally Posted by htfan View Post
I really appreciate the input from beatstanfurd & LBDamned!

After ready my post again, I realize that I'm a little cranky this morning.... rough week.

My issue really boils down to a disappointment in the communication from Jack Ross. Something like a post on their site explaining their unique process of charging prematurely would go along way. This is my first experience with ANY vendor EVER that charges for product months before it ships (unless it is a Special Order - non stock item).

I'll do my due-diligence and make a decision on how to handle the situation.

Thanks again for the comments!
just to be clear - I agree with your position 100% (as many of us do). There arent many merchants (in any industry) that charge in advance with no notification of when product will be given to you.

My reason for posting the link to the other thread was to let you know, yes there are others in the same boat as you and feel the same way... but there are a few (well maybe 2) that think having this view means you dont have enough money to order - and/or you should somehow know this is how it is and deal with it.

Hopefully you'll have a resolution soon.
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