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When I ordered my Aimpoint PRO, the vendor charged right away despite it being months out from them getting it. Also, when I was looking into the Lucid HD7, I was told they would charge right away also, again with it almost two months before it was expected to arrive.

Is it right? That's up to the consumer to decide.

I would think that most people on this and other firearm forums would know by now that if they order from JR (9's at least, seems 45's are shipping faster now), they'll we waiting a while to get it.

Know what you are getting into before you order, decide if it is worth the wait, then either order or take your business else where.

I do want to disclose that I did not experience the long wait times for 9mm that others are, most likely since I ordered very early and beat the rush. I believe I only waited a week. I have not reordered from them since then and have been ordering from Freedom Munitions with good success. I do plan on ordering from JR again once they catch up on their backlog.

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