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Originally Posted by htfan View Post
I know this has probably been mentioned several different places in all the many "Jack Ross Ammo" related email threads.... But,

Doesn't it seem very, very, very wrong for the vendor to charge our credit card immediately at time of order even though the expected delivery date is estimated MONTHS AWAY!!!!

I can understand being behind in production and taking a long while to catch up and ship orders, BUT!!! Don't charge my credit card UNTIL YOU SHIP my order!!!!

I've tried their website "contact us" form but NO RESPONSE back from them after several days.

What is the best, recommended avenue to get a response from Jack Ross so I can decide if I'm cancelling or not?
yes, it has been a concern and frustration by many... but as you will see in this thread (beginning at post #37) some people think your common sense logic means you are financially incapacitated (absurd, I know)
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