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Originally Posted by Cyklon View Post
I also work for the department, in a uniformed, armed civilian position. When I went through the academy a few months ago, my class was issued refurbished Beretta 92FSs. However, the deputies going through the academy at the same time got the new M&Ps with the tactical lights. It seems we are lower priority and thus get to use up the older issue weapons. I do like the Beretta though, it's a very smooth firing weapon that has never given me any problems either during the academy, or when practicing after.
Even the current deputy classes are getting the Beretta. The switch was approved, but it will take time to implement, and will be done on a priority basis, with courts and custody being at the bottom of the food chain. Community Colleges and Parks Bureau will fall in there somewhere.

SEB and other specialized units will go first, then patrol stations on a rotating basis. That's the way they did the Beretta conversion. It took about two years. It may take longer now because they have more units than they did in 87-89. They didn't have armed security officers back then either.

Patience, my friend.
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