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Originally Posted by Ubermcoupe View Post
2000 or so rounds
10 months ownership.

Another 398 rounds without issue. I have 2 rounds that didn’t fire and tried them twice and I am still using the last of my Remington gold.

I am not sure if anything has changed since the last time I took my GSG out by my sights were dead on. I was consistently hitting a 5 or 6 inch metal round @ 12-15 yds.

I do want to change my grips but that is more cosmetic then necessary.

The one thing that I will be tackling before I got out next time is fitting my thumb safety. It has been stiff ever since I put it in and since I am running out of things to “fix” on the GSG I will just move straight into “tinkering” with it.

More to come soon.

Links for thumbsafety fitting:
What mag holster is that in the second pic? That thing looks boss!
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