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Originally Posted by TAK View Post
PMAGs are a looks thing.

Unless you are using 10+ year old usgi mags replacing the stock followers with the magpul ones serves the same purpose.

Personally I like and on occasion use my pmags for military purposes but have never had a single misfeed or problem with magpul followers on usgi mags and have easily fired 9K rounds through them.
There not really a looks thing. There's so many different contractors for G.I mags and slight differences in thickness. Magpul P mags are very consistent and functional, they can't be bent nor broken. For instance a Colt G.I mag has a thickness of 0.890 and a center industries is 0.879 Thats + or -0.011 thousands of a inch of a difference. Any of these can change or dented or damaged.
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