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Originally Posted by TAK View Post
PMAGs are a looks thing.

Unless you are using 10+ year old usgi mags replacing the stock followers with the magpul ones serves the same purpose.

Personally I like and on occasion use my pmags for military purposes but have never had a single misfeed or problem with magpul followers on usgi mags and have easily fired 9K rounds through them.
Its a Weight thing, when I deployed we got H&K mags which were much more heavy than GI Mags yet never really gave us any magazine related malfunctions. Since being a civilian I have switched over to Pmags and they have the same reliability but at half the weight. The truth of the matter is a well groomed unit will go thru GI mags and find out which ones are serviceable and which are not before issuing. But truth of the matter is its a crap shoot with GI mags some are 10+ years old with probably thousands of rounds thru them. I have actually seen USGI 20 round magazines from the Vietnam conflict circulating Iraq.
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