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I was there last sat and it is looking pretty shabby... The pile down in the gully is getting nasty... And some douche left a fridge and a washer. While I was packing up some other dbags were pulling a big safe out to shoot and a few vacuume cleaners which I am sure they left.

Actually I had a pretty bad day, since another a hole decided to open fire with a .308 on my actiontarget evil Roy without permission. Which if he had asked would have been one thing but he didn't, not to mention he was a terrible shot and shot the leg, which is not the ar500 steel so now I got an f'd up target stand.

A few weeks before that another guy decided to shoot my [U]rimfire[U] dueling tree with an ak and missed... So he put a hole through the stand on that...

I really don't understand the nerve of some people... Come ask to use my targets, I am a super nice guy and I will gladly say yes, that way I can tell you what you can and can't shoot with it... Instead people ruin my $200+ targets...
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