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Default Suggestion

I do most of my business locally and privately, but occasionally need to shop for specific parts.
I would really like to be able to use Calguns to look for California shops that sell what I want/need.
Most of the commercial advertisers on Calguns seem to be from elsewhere.
How about a "California business only" page?
Also the search feature ( like every one, everywhere) never seems to find what I ask for. Might be me, but it sure is a waste of time to use simple, plain English search terms and get no useful results.

I just read a long thread discussing "discounts".
There is a pretty good rule of thumb in my auto repair industry of a 30% mark-up on parts. I have certainly done plenty of business over 26 years and find the mark-ups in the arms industry crazy.
I want to sell stuff, not just warehouse it!
Any comments from FFl business owners appreciated.
Regards, W
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