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Originally Posted by savs2k View Post
I fell under the machinist who didn't care for much except blueprints and tolerances category. If you give me a part to make I'll make it how ever your file tells me even if I know after it's coated it wont fit. The customer is always right after all. I would make a comment about it but usually only larger companies spend the money to do it right. Everyone else chooses to cut corners for cost and say take the part to anodize somewhere on their own and don't know what level anodizing they're doing our how much of a coat is going on. They only know they're saving $15 a dip do that's not my problem until they want the part remade. Anyways to stay on topic I'm sure they know of this and it's part of their final tolerance inspection which is why I'm not bothered with the wait time. The poly grip on the other hand is simple enough to show a real picture and in this case very important because I don't want a half Glock half 1911 Bastard child. And I'm curious if there will be a flared Magwell and how an aggressive of a checkering
not to go off topic again but that makes no sense to me.

You're basically saying that if I want my part to work after anodize I must give you a print that shows the pre-anodize dimensions? that makes no sense. my print shows final dimensions and tolerances, the same print your oqc and my iqc will use to accept or reject the part.
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