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Originally Posted by savs2k View Post
As much as I want to see pictures, I have worked in the machining industry and I know that the only time pictures should be posted are upon a flawless part. Everyone should be patient because we all jumped on this with the quickness even though it was just a preorder. If it was already in production it's more then reasonable to want pictures now. The cad drawings themselves posted prove these are legitimate. With the cad file any machineshop could produce the product. I honestly believe the hold up is with the jig. If they decided to anodize the jig the original cad file would have to be adjusted because the original measurement would have to be redone deeper to compensate for any coating done to the jig. If that wasn't done we would just have more work to do while fitting the slide and would bad mouth the company on fitment issues. I wouldn't want to rush the quality on our frames at all. I can't speak for everyone but I'd be satisfied at least seeing the grip design sooner.
lol..the only thing keeping me from pre-ordering more than 1.

Although I disagree with you on the jig anodization part. I have never had to compensate dimensions or tolerances in the model or drawings because of plating/coating. And I've worked on some super tight toleranced things, e.g. military optical related. I guess that's the benefit of working with US shops that knows what they're doing.

China? forget about it.
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