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Goober, and all -

I've been out of touch for 24-36 hours. Yup, I work. Please be patient - I respond and update in bulk, as does the banana.

The guys at Ares are a bunch of good Marines trying to get their business to grow and change. Good for them.

We all have money tied up on this group buy, and I personally am invested in ensuring this group buy and product is successful - why? I'm an amateur enthusiast. Heck, I'm shopping around for a mill...have you seen the rest of 80%'ers from Sig, to 1911, AR's and the like? That's creepy - a mill. Moreover, I've been 100 percent transparent on everything communicated my way by Ares and communicating your desires.

I am just a customer as you all, and have just as much desire for these lads to get some of you what you need.

Now - on the BATF approval: I've left a message for Dimitri, who according to Aaron is at school this is Jeremy. Their reputation is pretty spot on, and I have no reason to doubt that they will deliver. They've been taken to task in the past on more than a few items, and have come out golden. This isn't Botach or Gunworld we're dealing with - they're Marines with integrity.

On pictures, I spoke with Dimitri and he gave me some good reasons as to why they had not released pictures or delayed so far - and it was not a lack of existence of the frame.

Ares is taking pictures on June 1 both per Aaron and per Dimitri, along with a videotape both building the 80% to a firearm, which they will be releasing to their mailing list of several thousand users. I accepted that answer, but I understand if some of you will not - let's keep things in perspective on a group buy that has been going on about a week, with an intended delivery of 3-4.5 months or so. Ares asked for a little bit of time on Wednesday, a week or two, and I said OK. If that's not fast enough, I totally understand - but as I said in my mail and at the beginning of the thread...instant gratification isn't the name of this thread....

Dimitri also committed to have the frame reviewed for tolerances by some of the people that we brought onboard - and if we can be patient as that happens, that would be great. That results in infinitely better product, either at my expense or based on the kindness of those who cut up 1911's for a living every day - so patience will buy us a far better quality product.

The person holding the money in this conversation is me, not Ares, and Goober, if you want me to paypal you a refund as you paid via paypal, I'll readily do so. I'd rather not, as I think it sends the wrong message to the group buy participants and all those of us who committed to the buy - that, and you're a knowledgeable guy who I'm sure can bring a ton to the group during these builds. Consider sticking it out for a few more days.

I also asked for the CAD dimensions and tolerances, as I was in the middle of trying to get us all some improved pricing on things desired.

I'll let you all know what I hear from Ares as soon as I hear back, and hopefully all of you will continue growing this group buy - it will certainly help us negotiate better discounts in the end.

Thank you!
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