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Originally Posted by mr821907 View Post
Went to a local shooting range and rented a pistol I wanted to tryout and the guy at the counter gave me a box of 9mm ammo in jack Ross packaging. It shoot fine out of the g19 but all I've got to say is dam those rounds were loaded hot.

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Maybe they go mixed up w/ +p rounds??
anyhow I just got a reply from JRA and was informed: "Thank you for contacting us! For your order I estimate it shipping in 2-3 weeks. We are working as hard as we can to possibly make it sooner than that."
LOL we will see as I have my doubts judging from all these JR threads. Damn good thing I have a stash already.
ninja edit: Funny thing is I had just called their 877 number twice and both times I got a busy signal then noticed a new email......

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