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Originally Posted by Arcaporale View Post

My humble apartment setup. Loading up .223 and .40 S&W with a Lee classic turret bolted to a cheap but solid old nightstand. Screwed the nightstand into the wall and the whole thing is pretty darn sturdy.

Thinking about having the drawer pull out and cut some plywood to fit over that and extend the bench another 10 inches or so, but be able to put away when not needed.

Girlfriend isn't happy, but my AR is.

Hey, you stole my cat! His name is Charlie and looks just like yours, only Charlie is fatter and is more destructive (he'd be eating or breaking something).

Anyway, that said... I'd like to get into reloading one day. I'm jealous of you guys who have the room and money to reload. I live in an apartment and I just don't have the space or the money. I barely have space or money for what I do have, and that's without reloading.
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