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To answer some questions I didn't see answered as I was confirming who said they were in ...

Yes, you can build it into a 9mm or a .45.

No, if you are doing a build party, not everyone needs a jig, just have a friend who has one.

Yes, there will be at at least a build party here in So Cal if not a few of them, I believe Glbtrotter was getting something set up to help facilitate all the new paperweights being loved and cared for. We'll post as we know. Since I am on the hook for 5 AND I am a noob, trust me there MUST be a build party or else I have 5 very costly and useless paperweights.

If some one(s) are getting a NorCal party going, let one of us know and we will post it as well. I would hate to have people hanging in the wind on their own.

I will get some pricing posted on some parts kits and everything else we need so it can be purchased in bulk (aka cheaper) as well.
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