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Originally Posted by mrlonewolf

Have you ever done one yourself??
i can awser that yes with a dremel router table and 1911 file ,IMO my frame/slide fit was as good or better then my Springfield ...

now i wont go into useing a dremel for the seat and feed ramp as that didnt go so well for me .... but thats part of learning and the frames where only 30 bucks a pop at the time

lets get back on track guys the proper tool is a keyway cutter but that does not remove all the metal , its only to hog out the majority then use a slide file and some lapping compound ..... heck if your teeth are sharp and strong enough chew them rails in ... point being not all of us have access to the proper tool, but dont say it cant be done or is going to be "half arsed" thats just your opinion as you have no idea what skill set any builder has to remove some metal ....

So hows them proto types comming ....
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