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I don't think anyone was saying a dremel wont work. It's just not the easiest method. If you really wanted to you could sit there and hand file the whole thing and use a hand held drill. I'm not sure if you were taking about my post couch, but I was just pointing out to those who haven't done as much machining type work as some of us that the material for this project is just not as easy to work with as an aluminum ar lower. Alot of people have gone out of spec on the firing control pocket on the ar build. Myself included before I bought a mill and worked off a drill press and the builds are not as forgiving if you run out of spec on the rails and barrel seat. I'm not trying to scare anyone away I just wanted to point out to the new builders that have not worked with anything except aluminum that cutting carbon steel is just not as easy as aluminum. Anyone in the bay area is more then welcomed to come use my mill at no charge. Just bring your own cutting fluid and clean up after yourself
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