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Default DOJ Delay, possible resolution

I had a similar problem as noted above and I think I've resolved it. I'm sharing that information here in hopes that it will save someone, some of the frustration I just endured.

Twenty two years ago I had a felony arrest with no conviction. Since then I've passed handgun background checks many times. Recently I bought a handgun and the background check was delayed indefinitely.

DOJ says they needed the "case disposition". Court said, records were too old and no disposition was available. Sounded like a catch 22.

I think the problem was a matter of semantics. After many calls back and forth between myself and the two agencies, I finally got them speaking to each other and I believe what finally resolved the issue, for me, was for the court to provide the DOJ with a form JUS 8715.

A “Disposition of Arrest and Court Action” form, (“JUS 8715” being the form number). This form is initiated at the time of arrest, and tracks a defendant through the system, showing the final disposition of the charge(s).

Apparently this may have eventually played out within the system on its own, after 60-90 days. However, I was able to get the court to fax the form directly to the DOJ rep handling my background check and I've been told by the DOJ that the delay will be released now.

UPDATE: I got a call from my FFL, who said the delay was lifted and I was able to pick up my new firearm.

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