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Originally Posted by glbtrottr View Post
Personmans: It's not 99.95 - it's $250, or currently $99.95 plus another 99 on pickup - so right around $200. Our price is 50 percent discounted from retail, and $75 off from their prepurchase.

The frames are made from CARBON STEEL. There may be Stainless at some other point in time. The prototypes are currently at the machinist, and will be checked by a number of 1911 extremely well known gunsmiths for tolerances as castings soon...some of whom I've spoken to myself....still working on this with Dimitri and Jeremy.

Originally Posted by jingerale View Post
$99 is the down payment for the pre-order. Another $99 at time of delivery.
Oops, missed that. Thanks!
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