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I hate to admit it, but I'm just not up to the task when it comes to posting a pic through a "hosting"? did I say that right? If you could post pics like attachments on e-mail, you'd get a lot more pics to go with comments from guys like me. Granted, I'm probably on the low end of computer savvy for this crowd, but there are a lot of old farts like me out there that know a LOT about firearms, but not much about computers.
FOIA:900K Vets are waiting for their disability benefits. 600K backlog 4 months processing paperwork. Average wait 273 days-Projected 1 MILLION waiting by end of year. Newer take longer. Indiana projects 600+ days. 97% filed on paper. VA Inspector-General's reports offices across nation piled high with unprocessed apps. Winston-Salem office building reported structurally compromised by weight of excess backlog.NATIONAL DISGRACE w/ REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS equally culpable in its infamy.
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