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Originally Posted by Jeepers View Post
doesnt look like a sti frame so dont think the grips will work, makes me wonder does the grip come with the 80%?

anywho here is a edrawing of the 2011 frame to compare

this was posted n the other thread,
Originally Posted by AR-Tuma View Post
I don't think the sti grips will be compatible, the frame was completely designed by us (obviously its a 1911 frame so we didn't re-invent it, but you all know what we mean lol) so we designed the grips to go with it. And as for aluminum grips, they may come down the road, but for now we are going with a polymer grip
my commitment was based on it being an STI-clone and being able to use a standard STI grip. continued presence in any GB would be determined by cost of the grips, and what the delivery time of the grips would be.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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