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Originally Posted by Norm222 View Post
Here's some photos.

I guess I need to make up some AR CNC t-shirts. :-)

Questions I often get.
1. Do I need to register it if I build a pistol?

2. Can I register it/should I register it?

3. I know I should put a manufacturer name and city, and SN#, model # and caliber info to prove that its mine.

4. Since I want to build a pistol, once they are finished can I legally buy a pistol upper even though it is not dros'ed.

1= NO
2= Yes/only if you want to.
3= Putting info on it is a good idea so you can ID it if it's ever stolen but is not required by law. If you ever wanted to sell it in the future it MUST have City/State, MFG, SER#, MOD, and caliber info engraved in it.
4= Yes. You can also buy a pistol upper before you finsh the 80's if you do not own any AR rifles.

5= I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice.
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