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I called and was told:
• 3-5weeks (#11xx .40)
• 15 new machines ~half up and running so far
• Order# doesn't = when your order will be filled considering different ammo/different backlogs

I actually had a little chat with the girl and she mentioned being yelled at all day so for what it's worth, give her a break. It's the nature of the beast when you're selling cheap ammo.
If a small business receives thousands of orders at once they'd go under soon after if they didn't take payment upfront. I would imagine the reason they are able to have staff, machines AND sell ammo for dirt cheap is because they place large orders to produce the ammo -- something that would be impossible to do with a small business charging per serving. Run yourself dry on funds and hick-ups like machine issues would put them in a hole they would never recover from and they'd go belly-up.
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