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Here is what Vince posted in glockforum (my emphasis added):

Chris is the guy that owns jack ross ammo. and i was one of his workers till he let me go. cuz he had no money to pay me no more. he will make you guys wait on your ammo. don't buy it if you dont want to wait. hes dos not no how to run a good business. chris is 1 million rounds 9mm back you will be waiting 1 to 2 mouths for your ammo
This is why I cancelled my order when I got near the end of my 60-day dispute window under my credit card terms. If the company is experiencing cash problems even after getting all the money up front for 2 months of retail orders, then there is no way that I am going to take that kind of risk.

I ended up ordering from and less than 10 days later, I have my ammo.
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