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Thank you all!

Originally Posted by mceod View Post
I just got home from my 3rd in 5 years. I know how you feel about the leave days. I'm sitting somewhere north of 85 days as of now.
Yes sir, between manning issues and people already deployed it's hard to get time off. When I got back last year we were still on 12's 5 on and 2 off. Luckily we've had some people come back and we are fortunate to sneak a 3rd day off here and there. Out of the upcoming 8 years I've been in I think we've been on 8 hr shifts for ~6 months! Sucky...

Originally Posted by tanksoldier View Post
In Iraq we had AF SF guys, and gals, augmenting convoy security in our sector. They seemed pretty squared away with their gear and such, but discipline-wise a little laid back compared to Army combat arms elements... more like some of our support units.

They definitely seemed to know their stuff when the shooting started and that's what really matters.

How long do you expect to be gone?

Good luck to you and stay safe.
That's good to hear, I have faith in all my brothers/sisters in arms but some make bad decisions.

Last time we had 2 cops that were playing a "game" like 'do you think I'll do it?' (Point weapons at eachother/pull trigger). Well 1 guy took 5.56 to the knee cap/down his leg. The SF guy that shot was of course locked up and escorted home by guard, headed to leavenworth or one of the prisons we have...

Last deployment was just under 200 days, so about the same as last time. They rush to get us in there but take their sweet time getting us back home. We expect 6-8 months...

Originally Posted by epilepticninja View Post
In the Air Force, the JTAC's and TACP's are assigned to actual Army units so they have the most Army combat type training (along with our special ops people.) The Security Force people follow a close second, with Red Horse units bringing up the rear. The Air Force has been traditionally an aviation combat branch, but they are getting more involved in ground operations. Glad to see someone from another branch of service appreciates us.

To the OP, I feel you brother on the multiple deployments. Keep up the good work, and don't get your fingers pinched when closing the ramp.
Correct we used to only shoot once every 3 years (Crazy right?!?). Now we are required to do it prior to deployment. No worries I'm always clear of the ramp/door to keep my toes/arms! We're required to carry M16 but they only give us 30 rounds so if something went down it's pretty funky if I start shooting.

Originally Posted by rooster85 View Post
Good luck on the upcoming deployment man. I feel your pain on not ever seeing your family together, i joined the Marines at 17 and my sister was already in the USAF. Since 2003 my parents, sister and i have only been together three times. One funeral, one wedding and one Xmas. Damn deployments! Stay safe man.
Yes, always see you're family if you get the chance. We land at BWI and I see my parents for the 20-24hrs layover there and that's about it. My bro and I are on the same deployment tempo so we're usually home/gone together so that's a plus. Obviously mom doesnt like it though...

Originally Posted by krisjon View Post
Nothing wrong with being "in the rear with gear" because that gear saves many others' rears. 8)

Still, be safe and watch your six. No matter where you are, it's still Afghanistan.

Many thanks to you and your little bro for your service. God bless ya.
True! If it wasnt for the ammo/blood/food/water/supplies we push on and off the planes it would be hard for the folks upfront to keep pushing the fight to the 'bad guys'

Originally Posted by shooterfpga View Post
that sucks, we are deploying as well. i was also reading as of this month that deployments have been reduced to 9 months for us with no r&r, but supposedly its not branch wide, just certain mos i guess. like i said in another thread, im sure my unit will still continue to deploy after 2014.
Good luck, stay safe. Kind of sucks about R&R but hope you get home sooner than normal. My job will always be at the bases we occupy overseas so we will continue to deploy until we close bases down over there. I expect to deploy until I retire, no matter what my rank is so here we go!
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