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Originally Posted by Maltese Falcon View Post
Every time I see one of these piece of crap proposed new laws, it makes we want to go buy another high powered something or another to calm me down.

Donation to CGF and CRPA on the way...

I understand, COMPLETELY. It is EXACTLY why I moved to the FREE state of Oklahoma. And, I am retired LEO, from a California agency, so I can, and do, own things many Californians can't. 35 year life member of CRPA, and I NEVER, 35 years ago, envisioned that things could get as tyrannical, as they have.
I moved, and never looked back. I barely ever come back, except to visit my grandkids, when they are still in school. Summers, they get to see what free people live like, here in Oklahoma.
My heart goes out to those who feel trapped in the PRK, but if y'all don't work diligently on informing the uninformed masses, about the tyranny, that California has become, you will never recover any level of freedom. You will become like a western European, socialist democracy.
I feel your pain.
When the last dutiful & humble petition from Congress received no other answer than declaring us rebels, and out of the King’s protection, I from that moment looked forward to a revolution & independence, as the only means of salvation; and will risque the last penny of my fortune, & the last drop of my blood upon the issue.
George Mason,
2 October 1778
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