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My timeline:
9FEB12 - Downloaded and filled out the application (CA DOJ) from the Sheriff's Web page. Called and scheduled my first appointment for 5MAR12.
5MAR12 - Went to the first appointment, finger printed, scanned, paid my fees.
19APR12 - Contacted by Sheriff's staff to schedule second interview for 23APR12
23APR12 - Completed second interview and weapon inspection
29APR12 - Completed training (thanks Wes and Joe at LFI for fitting me in)
3MAY12 - Drop off completed certification and pick up CCW

Originally my pickup date was 2June, but by checking the scheduling website every day I was able to move it. So knocking on wood, on the 3rd I'll have my CCW.

According to that schedule it was 84 days between the day I filled out the application and the day I'll be issued my CCW. It will have been 59 days from the first interview (and application drop off) until the pickup.

$125 processing fee
$265 Training fee (base fee + fee for three weapons)
$7 Range fee
$100 for ammo for three weapons (.45, .40, 9mm)
$50 fuel (travel to and from interviews, range, classes, etc)
Total: $547
Priceless: Having a CA CCW
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